User Guide for v0.1

The package consists of two major parts: a server and a client part. Both are needed to operate the software. The server must run on a computer with java support. The aim of the server is to redirect the data stream of the communication to a telnet server. In an average case, the MJC server and the telnet server are the same. The client must also run on a java-enabled computer. The aim of the client is to realize a secure shell connection to the MJC server.

We assume, that the java source files are already compiled, and you are in the directory, where the whole structure starts: you must have a ./com subdirectory, which contains the java classes.

Thus, you must first start the MJCServer:


java com.monica.javacom.application.MJCServer workport forward-to-host forward-to-port admin-port &>/dev/null


the working port of the MJCServer, advised value is 3000
a telnet server
the port, on which the telnet server can establish connection
a port where you can close the MJCServer, advised value is 3001

Then you can start the MJCClient:


java com.monica.javacom.application.MJCClient dest-host dest-port &>/dev/null


the hostname where MJCServer is already started
must be the same number that was given in the server initialization under workport

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