Administrators' Documentation

This documentation describes how to generate the class files, and the documentation from the source files

Running the script

Change directory to scripts/. There you can find a file named generate_dists. Run this file to generate all contents. You will find the following contents in the directories.

Running the application

When this is ready, you can start the application as described in the User guide.

Installing the applet

For the applet to install you will need to do the following: copy this peace of code to any .html file, and copy the .jar file to the same directory.

	<applet code="com.monica.javacom.window.MJCSSHAppletWindow.class"
		archive="javacom_current.jar" width=760 height=430>
		<param name=host value="#servername#">
		<param name=port value="#portnumber#">
		Your browser doesn't support applets. Sorry.

The applet is now ready to run, just open the web page in which you inserted this code.

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