User Guide

This distribution contains two programs: a java application and a java applet. The difference is just in starting them, when it is already running, you must use the well known character terminal. We assume, that you have a server running an SSH2 daemon.

Java application

To be able to use the java applet you must have a java enabled computer. This means, you must download at least the Java Runtime Environment for example from

We assume, that the java source files are already compiled, and you are in the directory, where the whole structure starts: you must have a ./hu subdirectory, which contains the java classes.

To start they application type

java hu.bme.inf.javacom.application.MJCSSHClient dest-host dest-port &>/dev/null


the hostname where you want to connect
the number of the port where the SSH2 daemon is started on the destination host, usually 22

Now the java application should have started, and you should see the login screen. Click once on the window, and begin typing.

Java applet

To be able to use the java applet you must have a java enabled browser. Most of today's browsers support java applications. First find the web site where you want to log in.

You must start the applet by clicking on the link on the referencig web page. After this the applet is loaded, and after clicking on the applet once with the mouse you can begin typing.

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